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Burnley Brakes & Repairs Call 01282 459099

Car-toon garage are Burnley's experts when it comes to your brakes. We have the tools and the experience to repair or replace you brakes so you can be safe in the knowledge that your car will be as safe as it can be.

Our fully trained mechanics are able to carry out a variety of different services and repairs to your cars brakes, which include:

• Brake Discs
• Brake Pads
• Caliper Servicing
• Disc Rotors
• Hydraulic Service
• Braking System
• Alignment

Common signs that you may need new brakes?
Your brakes usually give particular warning signs when they are in need of a mechanics advice. If you experience any of the faults below book your car in with Car-toon and let one of our experts carry out a free courtesy brake check.

A low or spongy brake peda
An amber brake warning light
A red brake warning light
Continuous grinding sound when you use your brakes

These conditions can cause longer stopping distances and difficult stopping in an emergency situation. Brake discs and brake drums that are too thin may become over stressed and break.

Any time you notice any of these or other symptoms have your brakes checked. We recommend that you have them inspected once a year. If you have any of the problems above please don't hesitate to call us on 01282 459099.

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